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☆ I met you in the midst of stardust ☆

☆I want to become the shining light in the starless sky ☆

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Name:Keru ☆ 紫苑マジ天使
Birthdate:Jan 29, 1992



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(・8・), actual lolicon forestman seto kousuke, aim for the horn, angst and idols and angst, as many mentions of nezumi's eyes as possible, bad fonts on cd covers, bombing dodongos, charizard cannot learn fly, chun chun, cue endless staircase music, dai-joe-boo wa not, divorce party with hats, dugtrio used aerial ace, ensemble stars, eyes like the dawn, gary's dead raticate, handling black licorice, hold me hokuto-senpai, homoshiroi, idol hell, inappropriately timed pianos, it's not very effective, kaji yuuki, lime green is for gay, my square chin is displeased, my sweet ra*bits boys, nezumi's eyes like the dawn, nico nico douga, nico nico no, no tomoya cards for ten months, no.6, not dividing things into polychotomies, not while the mice are watching, nunchuck my heart, ooh mister nezumi ooh, ore wa doorbell, outer nyence, protect hajime shino, ripping open the sky, rorring on za fror raffing, sailor bunnies, shsl seiyuu recognizer, sixth magnitude stars, the clefairy like raisins, the rainbows don't mean anything, this is a smelly marker, tomoya mashiro protection squad, tomoya not being dead, top percentage of rattata, uchuu~, unhappy elements, wandaaaaa zooooooooone, which card is ranking, wow thanks elyurias, うっちゅ~☆, ネズミ (*´д`)ハァハァ, 再会を必ず, 天使苑, 紫苑マジ天使
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