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Japan shopping requests!

Much like last year, I'll be in Japan from 6/24 to 8/16, and many of you have asked if I can pick up items or look for merchandise for you! However, last year wound up being incredibly hectic and confusing, so I've decided to set up a useful form.... thing.... for you to tell me what I should look for!

I'm going to charge you exactly what I paid for the item, so don't worry about commission fees or inflated prices. All I ask is that you cover your own shipping and promise to pay for your items once I've bought them! I won't be able to return anything, so make sure to let me know if you want me to check in with you before buying anything.

Just in case, all of the comments here are screened. Also, this is closed to friends, so please don't spread it around)!

Name: (Or what I know you as, at least!)
Method of contact: (Plurk, LINE, etc.)

Item name or type:
Character and/or series name:
Link or description:
(Linking to MFC or any sort of picture would be best, if you have one!)
Price limit: (e.g. "less than 800 yen". Things can be really marked up sometimes, and you probably don't want to spend $40 on a rubber strap.)
Other: (If your item is limited to a certain store or something, let me know here!)

Things to know!!
-If you can, try to be reasonable with the number of items! You're absolutely welcome to put in multiple requests, but try to keep it reasonable since I'll also be busy with school and other events.
-The last thing I want to do is buy and make you pay for something that you don't want, so be specific! "Anything with Pikachu on it" or "anything from Love Live" is too broad to narrow down, so if at all possible, give me as many details as you can! You can even look through MFC and tell me things you definitely don't want.
-Try to limit requests to small or medium sized items, especially if you want multiple things! Rubber straps, keychains, etc. are both small and the easiest to get a hold of, but I'll happily try to get anything if it doesn't take up too much room!
-Once I get a hold of something, I'll either reply to your comment or let you know on Plurk or LINE! I can also send you pictures if you want me to check in with you before buying something. I may not be able to take pictures inside a store or go back to every store I visit, but I'll try!
-Of course, there's always a good chance that I'm not going to find anything you ask me to look for. I'll do my best though, so please understand!

Paying and shipping things!!
-Payments will be done through Paypal, since it's easy!
-I don't arrive home until August 16th, so I won't be able to mail your items until then. It's a long time, so keep that in mind!
-For the sake of shipping, I'd like to limit requests to North America. Shipping will be a little more expensive if you're in Canada or Mexico!
-I'll calculate shipping costs once I get back to the USA, so if you send me a payment before that, I'll have to ask for a second payment for shipping. I'm sorry!
-If you're getting something expensive, it would be great if you could send me the payment as soon as possible, or even beforehand if you'd like.

Finally, I may close requests if I get too many! I'm sorry if that winds up happening!

SORRY TO GET ALL PROFESSIONAL, WOW.... But it's best to make things as clear as possible so there aren't any misunderstandings later! Thank you for reading through everything!

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